My Name is Joshua Zitting and I'm an Entrepreneur.  I started my own fitness company at 19 that I took online in 2010.  Along with running my fitness company I have been a professional Network Marketer for 6 years.  I fell in love with the industry of network marketing  and my businesses led me into Internet Marketing through uses of Social Media and SEO.   I started creating info products in 2014 which introduced me to the world of affiliate marketing.   The truth is none of this would have been possible if I didn't have really good mentors along the way.  


 I was getting some incredible coaching from people who were already successful in these arenas.  Without those individuals I would still be a broke personal trainer pulling 40k a year if I was lucky and busting my butt to do it.  Today, I have six sources of income coming into my home and most of those are on a residual re-ocurring basis.  Once I got to the point where I felt I was no longer controlled by the grind I have always wanted to help others do the same.  That's why Cloud Nine Home Income has come into existence. To create a community around everyday individuals who want to succeed.