The Hidden Power of Visualization! (Law Of Attraction)

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We (YouAreCreators) developed this channel to discuss among the greatest keys of the universe, as well as the trick is, we literally create our fact! (Quantum Physics now shows this) We are all controlled by a collection of Universal Laws, and these regulations were developed by GOD, to assist us in producing the life we desire. One of these regulations is referred to as the "Law Of Attraction", or the regulation of "Reaping as well as Planting". This legislation merely states, whatever you hand out in Idea, Word, Feeling, as well as Action is gone back to you. Whether the return is unfavorable, or positive, failing or success, is all around what you offer. Many authors as well as celebs such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and also many others has testified to this impressive Legislation Of Attraction. Its time you learn this fantastic trick …

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  1. Lory Love says: Reply


  2. Quazi Kabir says: Reply

    Very nice and clear voice and a wonderful presentation, thank you so much.

  3. Jay Hedges says: Reply

    thank you

  4. Jaime Pagan says: Reply

    what the name of that book?

  5. Lisa Pisa says: Reply

    This is the best and simplest explanation of the power of visualization I
    have ever come across. Everything has been covered with an
    uncomplicated, beautiful ease. My search stops here. Thank you so much.

  6. Mark Reynolds says: Reply

    Very good and well explained! I always love the vids that this channel has
    to offer – well done guys!

  7. LoveMEsumLISSA says: Reply

    Thank you so much for this. And thank you for not being afraid to use the
    word “God” All of this information makes me feel even more connected.

    1. Tigerhearty says: Reply

      +LoveMEsumLISSA Hey everyone, wants to know more about abundance the best
      success that i’ve ever had was with the Max Miracle Method (look for it on
      google) definately the most useful course that I have ever tried.

  8. Stan Lindert says: Reply

    Wow that was great. Added to my meditation list.

  9. Bruno Barata says: Reply

    Thanks.. this with meditation is very strong

  10. Chä Rose says: Reply

    Jesus Christ Someone Tell Me What Is The Name Of Her School In Los Angeles
    And If It Still Exists !

  11. Chä Rose says: Reply

    Thank You God For Sending Me To This Video ! ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou .
    Subscribed Immediately!

  12. Sam Saluni says: Reply

    thank u

  13. Shamsul Alam says: Reply

    First it will happen in my imagination. Then I will work tirelessly
    to turn my imagination into reality. This process of monchhobi
    (goal visualization) will make my success inevitable.

  14. Shamsul Alam says: Reply

    A dream is not what we see when we are asleep, but that which doesn’t let
    us sleep. My dream will give me the inspiration to work night and day.

  15. Gary Ragin says: Reply

    This is some really good medicine!

  16. Anju Gokool says: Reply

    nice video! wonderful. I also found Elumpa Fast Manifestation Alchemist –
    if anyone is interested search on google – The power of law of attraction

  17. 3.aion. 3 says: Reply

    All things are created 1st in the heart, not the mind, the mind is a
    vampire of the heart.

    The heart is impersonal but the mind is personal and thus evil.

    So many are deceived by the mind believing that the mind is solely
    responsible for everything we create.

    The heart is the 1st organ to form during the development of the body and
    let’s not forget the heart’s huge electromagnetic field that surrounds the
    body, not to mention the little brain situated in the heart that
    communicates with the brain in your head.

    Do not underestimate the heart, much is yet to be discovered about it,
    while so many waste time probing the brain for answers, while the true
    answers are hidden in the heart.

    Proverbs 4:23 – “above all else guard your heart because the source of life
    flows from it”.

    Proverbs sure as hell didn’t say the source of life flows from the brain or

  18. Amanda Crew says: Reply

    start visualizing for 30 days straight and you will see some results..

    1. Real One says: Reply

      I tried it….it works….

    2. Amanda Crew says: Reply

      i agree

    3. ‫التحرر بتقنية رؤية واذابة المعتقدات السلبيه‬‎ says: Reply

      should it be long time ? 10 minuits ? or longer ?

  19. truth giver says: Reply

    it will only decieve you in believing that you can succeed by doing this
    stupid practice
    trust me i spent 1 year in doing stuff like mediating,tm,hypnosis
    the truth is in order to succeed you have to work hard day and night

    1. Lilly N says: Reply

      It won’t work if you don’t believe.
      It works for millions of people but you!✌

    2. truth giver says: Reply

      ..deep down you know it wont work
      you are just hopein it would…dont wste your life sis you would end up
      achieving NOTHING

    3. Lilly N says: Reply

      I wouldn’t have commented if I didn’t know my brotha.
      I know my powers trust n believe💯

    4. ‫التحرر بتقنية رؤية واذابة المعتقدات السلبيه‬‎ says: Reply

      +Lilly N
      he just have limiting beliefs
      keep attracting your goals

  20. Richard Wilson says: Reply

    Good Stuff

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