If you only believe… (Law Of Attraction)

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  1. wazupkid says: Reply

    This is random but it helps you just know
    The story goes that god created angels and then humans(adam)… One of the
    angels bowed to god and to humans….the other rejected to bow to humans
    but still bowed to god….god said no, bow to humans too and he said no cuz
    he was created first and that he is better than us….thats why he said if
    he was forced, he would claim the throne of god, the seat of the most high,
    so he god kicked out of heaven, adam was told to obey gods word, lucifer
    being kicked out of heaven, told adam to disobey….so the war for souls
    has then started

  2. holli perkins says: Reply

    thank you for bringing the Light, Truth of I AM!

  3. Sarah Welcome says: Reply

    the truth shall set us all free,thank you for your help

  4. angel clouds says: Reply

    Thank You.

  5. Lindsay Ferguson says: Reply

    I will give it a try thank you x

  6. Robert Pitts says: Reply

    That would be so great if your words were true! ” Don’t let your ideals
    interfere with reality”. Woke up this mooring and there was not a bag of
    money next to my bed as I truly believed, guess I will imagine again
    tonight! hahahah-must be nice living in lalallallland?!

    1. amanda_ shabbz says: Reply

      Take action!!! Don’t just imagine and do nothing, of course it won’t work!

  7. Chris Baybay says: Reply

    “What people need to understand is that mind IS movement.”
    “Now when you put a movie into that movement, is HAS to move into form, its
    an absolute law.”
    – Bob Proctor

  8. Ryan gg says: Reply

    why have a realistic mind but grasp unrealistic knowledge

  9. warren hatchett says: Reply

    U going sooooooo. HARD. THANK U. I AM

    1. Rick Boss FatGang says: Reply

      +warren hatchett your welcome uncle

  10. O Washington says: Reply

    For help
    The high Priestess
    30 minutes 50$

  11. O Washington says: Reply

    I remember when I wanted amazing clients, contracts and blessed
    opportunities with great health.
    I Am successfully having these things now .

    1. Ibrahim Nafee says: Reply

      How did you practice?

    2. O Washington says: Reply

      +Ibrahim Nafee I believed it in

    3. Ibrahim Nafee says: Reply

      +O Washington i am asking about the way of believing and things you did

  12. Eleonora Mendes says: Reply


  13. In The Footsteps of Wisdom says: Reply

    Love! Love! Love! Thank-you so much for posting this! :)

  14. Shawn Lauderdale says: Reply

    I’m awake now and I’m going mad. I don’t know what to do

  15. tggrsmommy says: Reply

    Who is narrating/reading? Sounds like Leonard Nimoy!

    1. Fernando Ramos says: Reply

      Donald Trump

    2. BelytaRuiva says: Reply

      +tggrsmommy Lecture by Neville Goddard

    3. tggrsmommy says: Reply

      +BelytaRuiva thank you. I figured it was just written by him, and narrated
      by someone else. lol!

    4. BelytaRuiva says: Reply

      I thought it was narrated by him as well… It sounds a bit like his voice
      and accent in other lectures, but I may be wrong, since English is not my
      first language.

  16. Innovater6 says: Reply

    so its confidence really?

  17. truthseekeer 4 says: Reply

    what does it mean put urself in a state

  18. Chandresh Kapata says: Reply

    it is not like Tolle. it misses emotional touch.

  19. khorzhide ziba says: Reply


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