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37 Comment

  1. Steve Lion says: Reply

    This is incredibly powerful.. 13 life-changing-minutes

  2. David Marshall says: Reply

    Is this the voice of the guy who plays Master Vrook in Star Wars: Knights
    of the Old Republic?

  3. Ed DeLaRosa says: Reply

    I AM ❤️

  4. Nagamoon N says: Reply

    Wow..and that voice too. Chills~ Thank you for this!

  5. Emily Hope says: Reply

    thats why you have your emotional guidance system, as long as your feeling
    good, your creating good things.

    1. Mr Moneybags says: Reply

      I have to kindly disagree with you. Sometimes bad things feel good.

    2. Emily Hope says: Reply

      its the sponsoring thought that counts.

    3. Emily Hope says: Reply

      and the sponsoring thought is what creates the feeling. thats why
      enlightenment is about being fully aware of your own mind and thus being
      able to manifest anything instantly, thats why its called living

    4. Flavin Luicien says: Reply

      +Mr Moneybags good bad ugly all balanced like the holy trinity.. what ur
      thoughts are u are.. choose well

  6. edwin castelblanco says: Reply

    where can I find the rest of this recoding ?? it’s amazing

    1. Leticia Ramirez says: Reply

      Which one did you listen too

    2. Dilly Kinz says: Reply

      +Leticia Ramirez Watch “You Have Power Over Reailty! (Law Of Attraction)
      *Powerful!” on YouTube

  7. kassanovajoneze says: Reply


  8. Dilly Kinz says: Reply

    where can I hear the full thing please?

    1. Marc Bell says: Reply

      I’d like to know the same info …

    2. Dilly Kinz says: Reply

      I don’t think we will get a response but keep reading and researching until
      u can become your highest self. That is our true purpose, self

  9. Trace zach daniels says: Reply

    so awesome..TIMELESS…….much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO !!!!

  10. Barry Georgiou says: Reply

    love these vids ❤

  11. Ki Martin says: Reply

    this felt like I was born again very poweful, brought tears joy to my eyes.
    thank you . I love you!!!!!!

  12. glass house says: Reply

    Why wasn’t the Masters voice a womans..?..Just asking..

    1. eastbound20 says: Reply

      It goes back and forth between a man and woman’s voice on the full version.

    2. Carmen Warren says: Reply

      +eastbound20 where is that

    3. eastbound20 says: Reply

      +Carmen Warren I just noticed that the 2+ hour video that I had saved has
      been deleted. You can still find it searching “Conversation with God Audio
      book”… it’s just in several segments.

    4. Carmen Warren says: Reply

      +eastbound20 ooooh ok! Thank you!

  13. Anita Rice says: Reply

    Soooooo simple, yet so powerful and true

  14. Ronald Ramos says: Reply

    You are a part of everything. Treat yourself better than you have and you
    will find the happiness and complete the experience you had imagined.
    (treat you = treat all others)

  15. Cherechi Osisioma says: Reply

    lol..this stuff is such a hoax

    1. Pierre Larochelle says: Reply

      Not to those who have tried it and found out that it actually works.

    2. THE KILLUMINATI says: Reply

      how it makes alot of sense more than most religions can

    3. Cherechi Osisioma says: Reply

      +Pierre Larochelle lol. ignorance is bliss.

    4. Pierre Larochelle says: Reply

      +Cherechi Osisioma Apparently, ignorance, complacency and arrogance are
      bliss, too.

  16. Flavin Luicien says: Reply

    Creator n Destroyer Shiva.. on the highest consciousness lies nirvana a
    drug so powerful it can kill you… but if u love love ur at the right
    place at the right time..

  17. Carmen Warren says: Reply

    I need the rest.. Please.

  18. Lu B says: Reply

    Book by Neale Donal Walsch Conversations with god an uncommon dialogue Like
    if it helped you

  19. Lanier Pasha says: Reply

    it is 100 % true I full have done it and feel it working

  20. Marcia “DirectMySteps2” Brooks says: Reply

    Phenomenal-4-Believers! I thank you gracious one.

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