How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business (Timeline Facebook Profile)

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Developing a specialist Facebook page for your company is a terrific means to create your brand and get in touch with your clients, followers, as well as audience. You could design cool accounts, colorful profiles or specialist profiles in this brand-new timeline Facebook social media profile layout. Follow our overview of see just how you could start making and developing your brand-new Facebook social media profile. If you can do it right, you will see a bigger ROI from Facebook.

By using Facebook you could get more affordable advertising rates with Facebook ads, which can actually help your marketing projects. You can likewise utilize it to promote sales, discount rates, and new product launches. You could also grow your company by getting in touch with new customers in your area, showing off your products as well as developing a partnership with them online. Using Facebook in your advertising and marketing begins with a good looking Facebook profile. That is why we put in the time to produce this ways to assist on developing a Facebook account for you to use and comply with along.

Our guide undergoes detailed to reveal you precisely what you have to do to produce your business profile. It covers points like adding in, developing, and posting a Facebook cover image or banner, editing, adding and submitting a social media profile picture, and including and also relocating applications and also tabs.

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  1. Como Cortar Cabello (iNirien) says: Reply

    I think that the best and “very easy” way to create AND MANAGING a Facebook
    store (Inventory, design, secure payment…) is with

  2. Mark Hoffman says: Reply

    Thank you for this information. I will give the thumbs up and subscribe.
    Looking forward to other vids. I am very eager to learn how fb will help my

  3. Active Bryant Systems says: Reply

    good video thank you

  4. shym0nk3y says: Reply

    How would I be able to make my business page on facebook be one that
    someone can order from? Would I need to set up paypal with my business page
    or is that not an option?

  5. Tracey Kelly says: Reply

    Great Info Basic but is there anyway of Having a Business Page and not have
    it linked to your personal FB Profile page bit confused if I don’t want my
    Private contacts to see my Business Page So to Speak

  6. When drones fly. DJI 3 says: Reply

    I’m trying to make my own facebook. With out the facbook drama. Idk where
    to get the codes for it? Thanks.

  7. Steve Carmichael says: Reply

    nice video

  8. Duke Training Centre says: Reply

    Thanks. It helps. I wonder if you can suggest some good Facebook profiles
    for IT Training Centre.

  9. Smart Vacuums says: Reply

    Oh really helpful video tutorial, thanks to discuss this major issue.

    1. Sold With Video says: Reply

      +Creative House Glad it helped!

  10. Cristina Mota says: Reply

    Thank you for such an informative, easy-to-follow video. Look forward to
    watching the many other videos youve made!

    1. Sold With Video says: Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. DanceKinesis by Percell St Thomass says: Reply

    Something is very wrong, either with the video or my page. I do not have
    nor can find how to create the photo blocks (apps) where the headings
    ‘Photo’, ‘Like’, etc are. Further, it is stated that Fb has templated these
    things to begin with ‘Photo’ and it cannot be moved… mine begins with
    ‘Timeline’. I have no apps, no arrows, no pencil icon.

    1. Iki 92 says: Reply

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      card for just 5$!!! Order this gig now

  12. Silesh Thota says: Reply

    Thank you. it’s been very helpful…

    1. Sold With Video says: Reply

      +Sylesh Thota Glad it helped!

  13. Javier Labbe says: Reply

    This is a great presentation. Can I ask, “how did you create this?” I need
    to create an instructional video (walk through) for a proprietary
    application, for one of my clients.

    1. Sold With Video says: Reply

      +Javier Labbe You can use Screenflow.

    2. Javier Labbe says: Reply


  14. Mat Yie Yie says: Reply

    I am sure will try fb ads to promote my business..

    1. Sold With Video says: Reply

      +Mat Yie Yie ok cool

  15. lsthreec10 says: Reply

    I need some help. I created a page for my truck. it is published. I have
    two other admins. I am unable to create an ad. it tells JUST ME that I do
    not have permissions to do so.
    if I go to the drop down menu on my personal facebook and click create a
    ad, the next page tells me I do not admin any pages. please help me! my
    other admins have access to promote my page. what is going wrong

  16. Judy Jackson says: Reply

    Thanks, this was great!!!!!!

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  19. Love2TravelAway says: Reply

    I have a questions do you need a regular facebook page to create a business
    page or can your just sign up for a business page, I ask because usually
    they want you to write a first and last name to create an account so how
    can you create a business with a name such as T”he blue frog bikes” if your
    name is Tom Brown????? please help.

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